The Digital Nomad:  workstyle design


What is workstyle design and who cares?  It's a new method of integrating your personal & professional passions into a complete life.  A passport, smartphone & laptop is all that was needed to work across 6 continents, 35+ countries & 100+ cities since 2010.

The Chase Global Embassy is a travel consulting business that aims to restore trust in the travel industry by creating safe spaces in foreign places for aspiring digital nomads, spontaneous travelers & holiday tourists.

It’s not a travel agency.  It’s not a curated recommendation service.  It’s not an expat bar.  No fake influencers, manipulated online reviews or shady commissions. Just real counsel from seasoned travelers on how to make your trip of a lifetime.

We are creating the first trusted network of foreign outposts offering the counsel, safety and comfort that people mistakenly hope for - but cannot get - from a governmental embassy.

Stay tuned for details on our grand opening and services in Bangkok, Shanghai & Buenos Aires. In the meantime, please enjoy some fun content, photos & tips.


THE gnome project

It's not exactly the most original idea to take a gnome around the globe. But screw it. Once started, it was too darn hard to stop. Nomi has traveled further across the globe than 99.9999% of humans ever will.

The Forgotten places Project

Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Angkor Wat & the Pyramids of Giza still stand after thousands of years, but other sites that aren't more than a few decades old are already being reclaimed by Planet Earth.  It's hauntingly beautiful to watch humanity's recent structures as they rapidly decay.

from the front line

There’s nothing like going off-grid & enjoying the moment instead of capturing it for “friends” on social media. So the Instagram updates will be a bit sporadic, but here’s the latest & greatest.

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