st regis

Luxury Hotels: St. Regis (Beijing, China)

We planned our nine day trip to Beijing to hit two hotels - five nights in the Ritz-Carlton and four in the St Regis - to make sure we were in two different parts of the city. The Ritz got the leg up for being in the middle of a luxury shopping zone, but it was pretty far from the main parts of the city where tourists want to go. The St. Regis was still a ways off, but considerably closer.

More importantly, the hotel was far more luxurious for a far lower price. Just walking into the spacious lobby, we could tell it was an upgrade. The rooms were larger, better appointed, sharper and less dated, with fantastic views and the perfect bathroom with long tub suitable for even those of us who are tall.

The breakfast was pretty amazing - very high quality with lots of options. Service at the restaurant, front desk and around the hotel were 100% on point. They weren’t bad at the Ritz, but this just felt a lot more tailored to your needs. Oh, and every St. Regis offers YOUR OWN PERSONAL BUTLER SERVICE!

You can’t make them go all Alfred on you and built crime fighting caves or go to the point of excess, but it’s a huge element in the St. Regis brand that you just can’t ignore.

Oh, and the happy hour for two hours in the evening in The Press Club - a bar name that is so fitting for me - has excellent food and great drinks (complementary wine, beer, whiskey, champagne, etc.).

Even without comparing it to the average experience at the Ritz right before it, this place rocks. And the cost is pretty reasonable for a true luxury hotel. It won’t break the bank but it may make you want to stay in instead of exploring an amazing city - which is just how a luxury hotel should be.

Verdict: Do It! (9.5 / 10)