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Airport Lounges: Seattle's Delta Sky Club (SEA)

One of the best perks of credit cards like the American Express Platinum Card or the Ritz Carlton Visa by Chase is access to airport lounges via Priority Pass and other partnerships. Delta Sky Clubs are part of this deal but you have to be flying on Delta to get free access (whereas all other lounges are open to members regardless of the airline you fly that day).

Seeing as the AMEX Centurion lounges set the gold standard at nearly every airport, it’s rare to venture beyond them at places like DFW, MIA, SFO and SEA. But it was on my way and closer to my gate than the AMEX Centurion, so I figured why not check it out. At the least, I could skip out and head to the Centurion if it was terrible.

To my surprise, it was incredible. This two-story behemoth felt like a breathe of fresh air - huge ceilings and a wall of glass windows give you the space to feel at ease during the usually claustrophobia experience of being at the airport.

Food was excellent, as was the selection of free alcoholic beverages. It was clean, service was fast and friendly, the wifi was speedy…what more can you ask for? Although the AMEX Centurion’s still hold the crown for best lounges - for the most part - this particular Delta Sky Club was well worth the visit.

Verdict: Sweet! (8.5 / 10)

Digital Nomad Economics: The 24 Hour Flight Check-In

Trying to get a good seat without paying a premium for an aisle seat or an exit row or something else?

Always, always, always….check into your flight right at the 24 hour pre-departure time. Every airline is different and they’re all looking for new ways to screw you out of a penny. But when check-in opens, there are seats that have been on hold that get released.

Sometimes you get a free bump up to an exit row to get more legroom, but it’s more important for finding your way out of the dreaded middle seat. Maybe you like being cramped between two smelly strangers and a middle seat is awesome for you. But chances are, you will take any aisle or window instead of the middle.

At the 24 hour mark, elites start getting upgrades and airlines start losing hope that you’ll pay for the upgrade. It’s a game of chicken and works out 50/50. But I’ll take 50/50 any day of the week and twice on Sunday, especially after the last time I flew middle - on a Southwest flight next to a person working on a “Ted Cruz for President” excel grid on her laptop.


Digital Nomad Economics: Signup for 'The Points Guy' Daily Newsletter

Probably shouldn't be directing you too far off my site, but hey, I don't care much for convention. Check out and signup for their daily newsletter. So much great content for savings - and not the b.s. "deals" and "specials" that you see on every site. They just give real tips and tricks on how to earn free perks and live like a king/queen/princess/loon while on the road.

Digital Nomad Flights: Always Be a Loyalty Club Member

Earning or buying elite status on airlines is hard af. Even for me. There are a million ways to ensure you don't get a middle seat next to a screaming baby and a rude weirdo in the aisle right next to the bathroom. But one thing people don't get is that they need to be a member of the loyalty club on each and every flight on each and every airline. Even if you won't be flying often or soon, you don't want to be the lowest person on the totem pole. The airlines will literally consider you last in all things when it comes to seat placement or bumping you. It's easy to sign up. Do it before every flight and make sure you book your tickets with it.