Top 25 Bars in the World: Skybar (Bangkok, Thailand) 

Featured in the final climax of The Hangover Part II, Skybar is an open-air rooftop bar in the heart of the Silom District.

The view is beautiful and it’s a classy spot to start or end a trip with a drink, but beware that the prices are insanely expensive.  Forget your high-priced cocktail in London, New York or Los Angeles.  There are few bars with a higher markup than this one, with the cheapest glass of wine costing you nearly $20 USD.  It’s especially surreal in a place like Bangkok, where every beer is one buck or less, and you can get a great meal on the street for less.  But it’s geared towards the farang who wants a great view and it does deliver.

Get one drink, soak up the view and take some pictures with the friends.  Just don’t bring a date and expect to have any money left at the end of the night.