Brunch: The Rug (Beijing, China)

This spot is regularly rated as one of the city’s best, and it was pretty solid. Didn’t have the biggest meal or take advantage of the bottomless mimosas, but I’d go back again. The space is huge, airy and contemporary - and the food is darn good too. It’s located in the Sanlitun area, a popular expat neighborhood, and is surrounded by tons of popular bars and restaurants. With reasonable prices, it’s good for a lengthy brunch or a starting point before hitting the nearby night scene (De Refter across the street is great for cocktails. And on visiting, there were no white tourists, so it hasn’t, at least yet, become a tourist trap or craphole ignored by the locals.

Verdict: Good but not great (6.5 / 10)

Location: Courtyard No 4. Sanlitun, Gongti North Road, Chaoyang

Brad Chase

Media Guy, Crisis Communications Advisor, Postmodern Drifter