Fun with Numbers: Airlines Flown To Date (35 and counting)

Since Americans are all about numbers and size and girth and whatever, and since it’s impossible to sit through a long flight without developing stupid lists, here’s a rough accounting of airlines experienced to date.

Note that there are a few dubious entries - where it’s clear that a new airline was flown but the exact name may not be accurate. And of course, there are many entries that were forgotten with time. So for now, we’ll go with 35 airlines as “the number” when evaluating the worldliness of a traveler. When you figure there were ones forgotten from childhood, it’s likely to go up towards 40. But we’ll stick with this number out of confidence and security that the number is strong enough to show true experience as a globetrotter.



Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Bangkok Airways

British Airways

Cathay Pacific

China Eastern


Delta Airlines


Etihad Airways


Frontier Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

Iceland Express*


Juneyao Airlines (China)

Kuwait Airways


Meridiana* (Italy)

Qantas (Australia)


Southwest Airlines***

Spirit*** (The Devil’s Airline)

Sun Country

Thai Airways


Turkish Airlines

United Airlines

US Airways*


Virgin America*

Virgin Atlantic


* No longer exists

** Not 100% certain but pretty sure it was this one

*** Never fly unless there are absolutely no other options

Brad Chase

Media Guy, Crisis Communications Advisor, Postmodern Drifter